6 Simple Tips To Lower Your AC Bills & Save Money

During the summer, you cannot get through a day without the help of an air conditioner, particularly in some of the regions with the hottest temperatures. You might use your air conditioner for most of the day, leading to long energy bills as well as some visits from service companies. You can find suitable options by browsing ‘AC repair near me. You will be able to reduce your AC bills to a great extent this summer by following the undermentioned tips.

Tips to reduce high AC energy bills

The tips below will help you notice an immense change in your air conditioner electricity bill compared to the previous ones, save money and get through the summer heat guiltlessly.

1. Consciously shut the windows and doors

To enjoy the complete coolness of the air conditioner, make sure to seal the windows and doors of the room properly. This can be done more effectively by closely checking the corners of the doors and windows from outside the room or house and covering them.

2. Appropriate placement of the thermostat

A wrong reading of the thermostat can lead to increased energy bills which can be avoided by correcting this mistake. It should be made sure that the thermostat is not placed on any exterior wall or near a window. If this is the case, by browsing for an ‘AC repair near me, you will be able to get the position of the thermostat fixed at the hands of skilled technicians.

3. The correct temperature at which the AC should run

If you are the kind of person to keep your air conditioner running even when you are outside, it is advised to set the temperature of the AC similar to the outdoor temperature or, even better, turn it off. This will help bring down your electricity bills to a great extent.

4. Avoid heat-related activities near the AC

Air conditioners try to maintain the temperature by helping you reduce the heat felt. But if you happen to perform activities that generate heat like using a cloth dryer, cooking on a stovetop, or using a dishwasher, in the same room as the AC while it is running, it will create more heat. It is recommended to perform such work outside and reduce the heat felt in the room with the air conditioner.

5. Utilize the existing facilities

Apart from using an air conditioner to reduce the heat, you can alternatively use other things that may help you cool your surroundings, such as a fan, or by closing the blinds or curtains. Ceiling fans are very beneficial as they are placed at a height and provide good ventilation.

6. Maintenance and tune-ups

Maintaining any equipment even once a month will help in reducing the AC bills by 5% to 15%. The indoor units such as filters should be replaced, and the outdoor units as well should be free of dirt, leaves, and any obstructions.

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