How Do You Make Your Air Conditioner More Efficient?

Summers and the first thing that comes to our minds is an air conditioner. Nobody can sit inside a room and spend time when the temperature is too hot outside, can they? How can you make your AC efficient? Here are some tips that will guide you through improving your air conditioner’s efficiency.

1. Dirty Filters

Dirty filters are an enemy when it comes to cooling down a room through an air conditioning system. A dirty filter can be a consequence of:

  • Leaky air ducts
  • Pets that shed too much fur
  • Setting your AC fan to ON

Dirty filters tend to freeze up the coils and damage the air conditioner’s compressor. Apart from this, they also cause energy efficiency issues. This can be reduced by replacing or cleaning them regularly. Call up a service professional and get them checked or fixed if you see that your AC is not cooling up your room.

2. Turn off Electronics

Statistics state that electronics that are plugged in or switched on consume about 5-10 percent of household energy. Turning off devices such as computers, sound systems, and gym equipment can reduce the total energy consumed by an air conditioner when in use. Powering off devices means a better and efficient consumption of energy.

3. Positioning Your Thermostat in The Right Place

The location of your thermostat directly affects the cooling rate of an air conditioner. Place the thermostat away from direct heat such as sunlight or heat-producing appliances such as a lamp. Setting your AC closer to outside temperature can reduce energy consumption and make it more efficient.

4. Windows And Doors

Try to keep your rooms as cold as possible and block heat and sunlight for better outcomes. Close your windows and doors to reduce the amount of heat inside a house or a room. The more the heat, the more the AC has to do its job in cooling down a room’s temperature. Keeping the windows closed can reduce the amount of energy consumption by an AC significantly.

5. Duct Issues

Ducts that are available in attics and crawl spaces may be disconnected. The airflow is reduced due to this. Make sure that your ducts are free from leakage. The service professionals can fix this by fixing any leaks available and insulating the ducts. Duct issues can also directly affect your filters. A lot of air can escape through leaky air ducts. The AC does a lot more work than it has to because of this. Save yourselves from energy consumption by getting them fixed.

Are your energy bills scaring you? Use these simple tips to figure out the reason behind your AC consuming too much power and barely cooling down your room. Improve the efficiency of your energy using these tips. You’ll never have to worry about your energy bills being too high ever again.

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