What Should You Put Your AC on To Save Energy?

Do you find long, excessive energy bills pleasant? If not, then this article is for you. Summer has arrived, and the usage of air conditioners has commenced. Air conditioners are the only way of living peacefully during harsh summers in Greenwich, CT. However, with pleasant living comes heavy energy bills.

Additionally, a lot of energy is wasted in the process. This can be rigid in both your pockets and the environment. Sometimes procuring an AC replacement in Greenwich, CT, can be fruitful. You can purchase an air conditioner which is more energy-efficient. You can not stop using the air conditioner, but you can use a few simple tips to reduce energy consumption and, in turn, your energy bill.

  • Set the Thermostats And Timers: Set your thermostat at a degree that does not work up the air conditioner and keeps the room cool as well. As every degree matters while operating an air conditioner. Setting your air conditioner at a degree warmer can reduce the usage of energy and cut down the cost by 10%. The ideal temperature for saving and comfort is between 22 and 24 degrees celsius.

    You can even purchase a thermostat with a timer. This will help you set the thermostat for a particular period, after which the air conditioner would turn off automatically.

  • Turn the AC off At Night: A great way of cutting down energy bills is turning the AC off at night while sleeping. It is naturally cooler during the evening, and you can make use of windows to enjoy the cool breeze while sleeping.
  • Turn off Nearby Devices That Emit Heat: Heat emitted by devices like computers, televisions, lamps, kitchen ovens, etc., pushes the air conditioner to work harder and absorb more heat from the room. Switching off these devices while not in use can easily release the pressure off of the air conditioner and reduce your energy bills.
  • Shut off The Sun With Shade: Keep your air conditioner in as much shade as possible. It is impossible to turn down the sun; however, you can reduce the sunlight entering your house. You can block the sun with blinds, curtains, etc., and keep the room a bit cooler. This will help in reducing the work of the air conditioner and, in turn, decreasing energy costs.
  • Clean Your Air Conditioners: Get rid of unnecessary clutter of dust and dirt accumulated in your air conditioner units. This dirt restricts the airflow and forces the air conditioner to work using intense energy. You can call for an AC repair in Greenwich, CT, and get your air conditioner looking like new. A clean air conditioner reduces energy costs.

All of these tips can help your air conditioner function efficiently and save a lot of money on energy bills. For the perfect AC repair in Greenwich, CT, or an AC replacement can call Kool Energy Technology. We are an HVAC contractor company in Greenwich that provides all kinds of assistance for your air conditioner and HVAC systems. Schedule an appointment today!