What To Expect From A Furnace Inspection?

In today’s world, a furnace is one of the oldest types of heating systems still in use. It is a device used to heat residential homes and commercial buildings. The relationship between your AC and furnace is a close one if you have a central heating and cooling system, also known as HVAC, that work hand in hand. When you’re checking your house and preparing for the fall, don’t overlook your heating. A furnace inspection prevents major breakdowns and helps catch small problems before they become big ones.

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What should you expect from a furnace inspection?

Furnace maintenance is required if you want to stay comfortable, save money, and enjoy some other benefits. Checking all of the system’s essential components and adjusting, testing, cleaning, and lubricating them as needed is an important aspect included in the furnace inspection.

Some of the specific tasks involved in our furnace inspection checklist include:

  • Blower Cleaning: The fan on your blower is most likely to get clogged with dust and debris over time. This can cause a reduction in how fast warm air is pushed away from the furnace to circulate in your room. Cleaning the blower restores the maximum efficiency of the circulation.
  • Replacing filter: A filter should be preferably replaced every three months, but often it is neglected. A clogged filter can put an unnecessary strain on the system.
  • Check heat exchanger: A cracked heat exchanger on a furnace can lead to poisonous gasses being let into the living space of your house, causing sickness or worse. An inspection will make sure this isn’t happening. Heating repair Greenwich in CT and heating replacement in Greenwich, CT will solve this issue.
  • Ductwork check: Noting obstructions or any leaks that would inhibit system performance is checked.
  • Burners: Burners are checked to make sure that they are working efficiently.
  • Thermostat: Thermostats are the brains of the system. Checking this part is of most importance.

If you have an oil or gas furnace, additional steps are included in furnace maintenance service:

  • Examining fuel lines for any potential leaks.
  • Checking and testing the gas pressure, the burner, and the pilot.
  • Inspecting the thermocouple.

How often should your gas furnace be serviced to prevent problems?

A gas furnace should be serviced at least once a year, in both the spring and the fall. Annual maintenance includes an examination and cleaning of the parts that commonly malfunction.

How much does a furnace inspection cost?

Furnace maintenance is a very affordable heating service available from a professional HVAC company. While the exact cost can depend on the various types of furnaces you have, in general, you can get the best deal on furnace maintenance.

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